General Price List


These prices are effective April 24, 2018, but are subject to change without notice.

These goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overhead. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide the funeral goods and services you selected.

This list does not include prices for certain items that you may ask us to buy for you, such as certified copies of the death certificate. The prices shown on your bill or the statements describing the funeral goods and services you selected. (We do not charge for our services in buying these items.)

Our Complete Direct Cremation Charges are $1536.00

Includes the following items:

Professional Services $605.00
Filing necessary forms such as Death Certificate, Social Security notification of death, Title XIX forms, and Cremation Certificate
Facilities for the 48 hours waiting time before Cremation $NC
Container for Cremation $50.00
Cremation charge by Oak Grove Crematory $350.00
Medical Examiner’s Fee (State of Connecticut requirement) $150.00
Transfer of remains to crematory $375.00
Cremation Papers and permits $6.00

Total Charges

Additional Services and Facility Fees Available
A. Mailing Cremains in temporary container within the Continental U.S. $EST
B. Mailing Cremains in an urn within the Continental U.S.
(Add weight and insurance required)
C. Scattering of cremains $125.00
Transfer of Remains to Crematory
Local- Either by definition or most *frequently visited
*Health care facility, Hospital, Connecticut Hospice, or Masonic home
A. Additional charge from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiners $50.00
B. Additional charge from a residence $65.00
C. Outside local service area (per loaded mile) $2.50

Urns and keepsake urns   $30.00 to $815.00

A wide variety of Urn styles and colors are available on our Products Page.